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Photobox FAQ

    Why book the photoBOX?
    You get what you pay for. We realize there are cheaper options, but you won't receive the photoBOX experience. Not only do we have the best technology, our packages are ALL-INCLUSIVE. They come standard with all the bells and whistles, including unlimited color and black/white photos, free use of our fantastic props, free design of your photo print layout and booth inside welcome screen, HD slideshow mounted on the booth, thumb drive at the end of the event with all your photos, photos uploaded to our online gallery and Facebook page (if you'd like) and free scrap book package!
    Do you sub-contract our booking out to other companies?
    Absolutely not! You are getting the photoBOX and a photoBOX attendant at your event.
    How far in advance should I book the photoBOX?
    We aren't one of these companies in multiple states booking all kinds of events each day - we are a local Phoenix company. There is only 1 photoBOX and we only book 1 event per day to ensure you get the BEST service. Weekends are busier, so book accordingly. We'll take your booking as far in advance as you'd like.
    What backgrounds can I choose from?
    Packages include the use of one of our standard color backgrounds: Red, white, blue or grey. If you'd like anything custom, please let us know! We have many great designs available and would also be happy to do something completely custom for you.
    Are the photos high quality?
    Of course. With the combination of our state of the art camera, printer, studio lighting and computer, the photoBOX provides you with highest quality photos around.
    What size are the pictures?
    Our standard package includes 4x6 prints with 2 different layout options, each containing 4 pictures. You are able to customize either layout with your name, logo, or whatever you may like! (other print sizes are available)
    How many pictures can be taken at the event?
    The photoBOX itself only takes about 8 seconds to print out pictures so it really depends on how much fun your guests are having and how quickly they move in and out of the BOX.
    How many people can fit inside the photoBOX?
    We have packed up to 9 people in the photoBOX, but a maximum of 4-5 people will provide the best picture quality.
    What are the props and what is the purpose of having them?
    Props add a whole new dimension of fun to the photoBOX. For NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, we include such things as hats, glasses and 'staches and more for your use through the entire night. If you have anything fun that you'd like in the photographs, feel free to bring your own as well - but the props we provide will do just fine!
    What package add-ons are available?
    For an additional charge, we have such items as our 42" HD TV slideshow, custom background, double prints and more! The costs are all laid out in our contract.
    What if the time we rented the photoBOX expires and we want to keep going?
    No problem - for $200/hr cash paid before the extra time starts, we'll continue as long as you'd like.
    How much time do you need for setup?
    The photoBOX can be set up in as little as 45 minutes, but we prefer to arrive at least an hour and a half early.
    What are my payment options?
    We accept cash, check or credit card. Credit card payment will incur an additional 3.5% fee.
    Is there additional sales tax?
    Yes, our photoBOX rental service is subject to local and state sales tax.
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